Biogas Plant in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Output: 700 kW
Product: UltraPract® P2
Substrate: Energy crops, pig manure, bovine (cow) manure, horse manure
Goal: Increased use of manure with simultaneous, significant reduction in the proportion of energy crops.
Results: 1,5 t oTS manure per day
3,1 t oTS energy crops per day
Yield Improvement: 15% compared to reference period

Biogas Plant in Brandenburg, Germany

Output: 500 kW
Product: UltraPract® HC
Substrate: Energy crops, cattle slurry, bovine (cow) manure
Goal: Saving of energy crops and avoidance of floating layers at constant performance.
Results after 4 months: Approx. 17% reduction in the proportion of energy crops

UltraPract® convinces ...

„The UltraPract® enzyme products convince by their high effectiveness in biogas plants. They can be used independent of pH and temperature. Tests carried out by the NRW Chamber of Agriculture have shown that there is a sustained significant increase in the yield of UltraPract enzymes. The use of this technology significantly increases the proportion of farmyard manure in the substrate mix and saves expensive silages without endangering the stable operation of the plant or reducing the amount of biogas. This leads to an improved economic efficiency in the operation of biogas plants. The feedback and evaluations from the field are all positive and confirm or exceed the test results.“
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