How do I dose UltraPract®?

The daily amount of UltraPract® can be added once a day. Direct addition to the fermenter is preferable, but addition via the solids feeder is also possible.

How is UltraPract® stored?

The shelf life of UltraPract® in the unopened original packaging is 12 months if it is stored in a dry place at temperatures between 0 and 20°C. Once opened, it can be stored for 6 months if handled in a qualified manner. Keep product away from direct sunlight.

In which pack sizes is UltraPract® supplied?

The standard packaging contains 20 kg. Delivery in larger or smaller containers is possible on request.

Are enzymes microorganisms?

No, enzymes are proteins that are widely used as highly active biocatalysts in nature - as is the case in every biogas plant. Enzymes cannot multiply.

Does the UltraPract® effectiveness decrease with time of use?

No, there is no practical evidence for the decreasing effectiveness of biocatalysts. If you stop the enzyme application, the gas formation returns to the normal level before the enzyme application.

Are there any conditions under which UltraPract® does not work optimally?

The UltraPract®products have been developed for a very wide pH (6-9) and temperature range (30 - 70°C). Therefore, UltraPract® works reliably under the standard conditions.

Are the products safe to use? What protective measures are required?

Safety data sheets are available for all Biopract ABT products. You will find the relevant information on the sheets. Protective clothing should always be worn when using industrial enzymes; in any case protective gloves (EN 374) and goggles are required.

Are UltraPract®products available in solid form?

No, there are two main reasons for this: Additives in liquid form show a significantly better mixing behavior in biogas systems. Enzyme preparations in solid form can cause enzyme-containing dusts, which can pose an unnecessary health risk for the user due to the possible allergenic effects.

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