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Victor Hugo (1802-1882), one of the most important French writers, recognized that "nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come". The same applies to the new Biopract products of generation 2.0, which ensure that biogas production pays off again.

Due to Covid-19, the 13th Biogas Innovation Congress took place digitally. One of the main topics was ways existing biogas plants can optimize plant operation an increase yield. Ms. Angelika Hanreich, D.Sc. (R&D Manager of BIOPRACT) presented in a short lecture, among other things, the mode of action of UltraSweep®!

In its SEP/OKT 2018 issue the trade magazine Bioenergy Insights reports in detail about the 2nd generation enzymes developed by Biopract ABT. The English-language magazine publishes six issues a year and targets bioenergy professionals worldwide. The article provides in-depth insights regarding the mode of action and the advantages of Biopract ABT's enzymatic preparations.

Enzymes as biogas process accelerators must prove their efficacy in the field. The results of a 4.5-month intensive field test for the use of UltraPract® P2 are presented in JOULE magazine 05/2017, pages 54-56. The study was carried out in cooperation with LOICK Bioenergie GmbH and the North Rhine-Westphalia Chamber of Agriculture and yielded outstanding results. Read about the performance improvements that have been achieved!

The journal “Energie aus Pflanzen” 4/2017, page 36-37, presents a study issued by the Agricultural Chamber of North Rhine-Westphalia on a product screening of enzyme preparations sold in the German market. The results obtained point to extremely different qualities of the products, in particular on the enzyme activities measured.

The 02/2017 edition of the topagrar energy magazine reports on field experience. The example of Hermann-Josef Benning, who has been operating a biogas plant in Reken, NRW since 2004, shows how the use of the plant has changed over time and how enzymes will play a role for the future of his biogas business.

Dr. Matthias Gerhardt, Managing Director of Biopract GmbH, gave an expert interview in the JOULE 02/2017, page 59-61, the specialized "Magazine for Energy Professionals", in which he commented in detail on the functionality, possibilities and advantages of the application of industrial enzymes.

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