“The key to profitability"- this is the headline of the article in issue 5.2017 of JOULE. It starts with the conclusion that the costs for optimising the biogas process must always be compared with the benefits. Taking this into consideration, the use of enzyme-based process accelerators is a good choice. A measurable improvement in substrate utilization has already been achieved with enzymes of the first generation. The good result was further increased considerably with UltraPract® P2, the second-generation enzyme product. The JOULE article describes in detail a practical test in a biogas plant (nominal output 1,200 kW). With UltraPract® P2, the efficiency of the pilot plant has been improved by 11%. Thanks to a calculation model developed by Biopract, it is also possible to evaluate the optimisation potential of biogas plants of other types, deviating operating modes and different substrate applications when using UltraPract® P2. The JOULE editors' conclusion is as follows:

“With the new product UltraPract® P2, Biopract introduces a quality leap in terms of efficiency improvement.”
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