UltraPract® HC

Activated Cellulase complex

UltraPract® HC is suitable for plants with little or no application of manure. The optimized enzyme activity profile, supported by the acceleration factor AC, achieves noticeable substrate savings (> 5%) at constant system performance. At the same time, UltraPract® HC reliably prevents the build-up of floating layers and keeps the fermenter contents stirable.

UltraPract® HC enzyme activities are active and thermostable up to 60° C over the relevant pH range (6-8).

Can UltraPract HC

Substrate Saving with UltraPract® HC

Piechart Substrate Saving with UltraPract HC, Substrates: wild plant silage and grass

The use of UltraPract® HC is particularly recommended if corn silage is supplemented by other energy crop silages (> 10% of oDM and FM*) and small amounts of liquid manure (up to 5% of oDM and FM*).

* oDM = organic dry matter, FM = fresh matter

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