UltraSweep® C4

The ultimate formula C4 for the fermentation of plant-based problem substrates.

In order to ensure the economical operation of biogas plants, substrates selected based on cost reduction, sustainability and long-term availability are increasingly being used.

These include for example material from landscape conservation, fibrerich manure from animal farming, residual material from the grain harvest as well as fruit and vegetable cultivation. In terms of efficient fermentability these are high-risk substrates as they reduce stirrability, tend to form floating layers and - depending on their composition - contain an increased proportion of foam-active substances, in particular proteins and certain mucilage. As a result, the plant is no longer able to perform at 100% of its capacity and thus operates uneconomically. By using innovative enzyme products from Biopract ABT you can take targeted countermeasures.

UltraSweep® C4 – simply (dis)solves problems!

Canister UltraSweep C4

5 good reasons for the application of UltraSweep® C4!

  1. Facilitates sliding and blending of floating substrates.
  2. Improves the degradation of fibrous substrates.
  3. Prevents the formation of floating layers.
  4. Reduces deposits on walls and in pipes.
  5. Lowers the formation of foams.

UltraSweep® C4 was developed for plants that use high percentages of straw, manure and landscape conservation material.

UltraSweep® C4: Functionality and Effect

UltraSweep® C4 is based on extensive test series in the laboratory of Biopract GmbH and was optimized for the conditions in field use. The efficacy of the innovative formula C4 was put to the test under particularly challenging conditions (stable manure based on rice straw and rice husks) and proved successful.

With this novel product Biopract ABT is helping to increase the use of agricultural residues for biogas production. These do not compete with food and animal feed - such as maize - and are therefore not only economically more attractive but also have a higher social acceptance.

UltraSweep® C4 prevents floating of fibre components

As a specialized product for substrates that tend to float, UltraSweep® C4 uses the synergistic effects of fibre-dissolving enzymes and surface-active substances.

The unique formula C4 ensures accelerated moistening of floating substrate particles and, as a result, faster sliding and blending in the fermenter. This effect facilitates the enzymatic primary breakdown of the plant fibre.

The UltraSweep® C4 mode of action was documented in the laboratory and confirmed in the field. We will be happy to provide you with reference projects on request.


Effect of UltraSweep® C4 in day 1 control

Day 1

Effect of UltraSweep® C4 in day 3 control

Day 3

with UltraSweep® C4

Effect of UltraSweep® C4 in the control with UltraSweep® C4 day 1

Day 1

Effect of UltraSweep® C4 in the control with UltraSweep® C4 day 3

Day 3

UltraSweep® C4 lowers foam formation in the fermenter

The innovative formula C4 not only causes an enzymatic de-polymerization of water-binding hemi-celluloses and degradation of structure-stabilizing molecules of the plant fibre, but also a reduced surface tension of the liquid phase. This effectively lowers the formation of surface foam. The working volume of the fermenter can be used 100% for energy production and will not be occupied by unwanted foam.

The innovative formula C4 prevented foaming in the ferment

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