ViscoPract® CX &
ViscoPract® CP

NEW: Enzymatic Problem Solver 2.0

ViscoPract® CX and ViscoPract® CP have been specifically developed for acute problem solving.

The enzyme activity profiles are especially adapted to the degradation of different scaffolding substances. Extensive laboratory and practical studies reveal convincing effects in the biogas process with best temperature stability and pH tolerance.

ViscoPract® CX and ViscoPract® CP attack recalcitrant, viscous substrates at several points and, thus, simultaneously increase the fluidity of the liquid phase of the fermentation mass and the stir-ability the fibre fraction.

Kanister ViscoPract CX und ViscoPract CP

5 good reasons for the application of ViscoPract®!

  1. Quickly & noticeably improves stir-ability.
  2. Removes floating layers and prevents new formation.
  3. Stable plant operation when using "problem substrates".
  4. Protection of the stir- and pump technology.
  5. Verifiably reduces the fermentation residue of your biogas plant.

Improved stir-ability,
reduced energy costs!

The superior efficacy of ViscoPract® for viscosity reduction is tested with fermenter media originating from field cases. TheViscoPract® supplemented sample is tested against a negative control (no enzyme addition) and several positive controls, e. g. biogas enzymes of the first generation (competitor or experimental products).

After a pre-defined reaction time, all samples are placed on a channel system, which is inclined at a defined angle. Video documentation permits measuring and demonstrating the effects objectively. The result speaks for itself!

ViscoPract® improves fluidity

  • Control sample without the addition of enzymes
  • Sample with addition of ViscoPract®
  • Samples with addition of enzymes of the first generation
ViscoPract Fließfähigkeitstest Start
ViscoPract Fließfähigkeitstest nach 20 Sekunden
ViscoPract Fließfähigkeitstest nach 40 Sekunden
ViscoPract Fließfähigkeitstest nach 60 Sekunden
ViscoPract Fließfähigkeitstest nach 100 Sekunden

Nahaufnahme und mikroskopische Aufnahme der Fermenterprobe

Viscous becomes liquid!

Substrates difficult to degrade, such as cup plant silage, silage from greening spaces (mostly wild plants), grass silage or rye whole plant silage form a compact, felt-like mass in the fermenter. The substrate fibres are interlocked, which impedes stirring and makes pumping of the substrate almost impossible.

The addition of ViscoPract® effectively alters the physical properties of the substrate components, e. g. water-binding capacity and detangles the fibres. The liquid phase becomes fluid again and trouble-free pumping becomes possible again.

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