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From a pioneer to the standard of modern enzyme technology

The roots of Biopract ABT GmbH date back to 1992, the year in which Biopract GmbH was founded. Even at that time, the development of technical enzymes and their industrial application in various areas, including the use of biomasses, was at the heart of the company's business activities.

The company quickly developed into a recognized center of excellence for white biotechnology. In 2001, the scientists at Biopract GmbH dealt intensively with the development of enzymes for improving the performance of biogas processes for the first time and have been regarded as pioneers in this field ever since. They recognized the great potential in the development of products for this forward-looking technology. From then on, the Biopract specialists concentrated on the use of hydrolytic enzymes for industrial applications. One focus of the company's own research work was on the development of enzyme products for the biogas process. The result of intensive research and continuous optimization is a product series that makes the operation of biogas plants much more economical and efficient. Biopract GmbH today has a knowledge base that gives the company a unique position with regard to the application of enzymes in anaerobic fermentation processes.

Biopract ABT GmbH was founded in 2017 to market the innovative UltraPract® product series. Since then, all products can be purchased directly from Biopract ABT GmbH, which acts as an independent company. Satisfied customers include operators of biogas plants throughout Germany and beyond.

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