Increasing performance and economic viability of your biogas plant

UltraPract Kanister mit Etiketten Biogasanlage Außenansicht und mögliche Substrate

Biogas Enzymes - Generation 2.0

Enzyme combinations complemented by the enzymatic acceleration factor AC are optimized for the conditions in biogas plants.

The result: the patent-protected UltraPract® products stand out due to superior efficacy.

UltraPract® P2

The biogas enzyme 2.0 with AC Factor

Compelling performance, particularly effective when feeding significant amounts of animal wastes.

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UltraPract® HP

Optimized enzyme combination with AC Factor

The best choice for biogas plants feeding energy crops and liquid manure.

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UltraPract® HC

Cellulase complex with AC Factor

Suitable for all plants with little or no application of animal wastes. Enhances performance, prevents the formation of surface crusts and reduces energy uptake for stirring.

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UltraPract® products optimize the biogas production process

The current framework conditions for the operation of biogas plants enforce the reduction of costs and the maximization of efficiency and output. Low-cost substrates - in particular renewable resources, such as liquid manure and dung - are an alternative to the conventional energy crops. As a result, biogas plant operators are increasingly reducing the content of corn in the substrate mix. However, alternative substrates present a challenge to biogas plant management and fermentation process biology. Technical adaptations for pre-treatment to increase substrate utilization require considerable investments and are energy-intensive during operation. This supports the application of effective enzyme additives for biotechnological optimization.

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Infografik zur Herstellung von Biogas

Kanister MethaPract CS Bauer steht mit Gummistiefeln im Feld

MethaPract® CS

Optimize the utilization of energy plants in your biogas operation!

MethaPract® CS is a biogas enzyme optimized according to the latest findings and is based on an enzyme activity profile that has been tried and tested for more than 10 years. MethaPract® CS is particularly suitable for plants that predominantly or exclusively use energy crops (e.g. corn silage, grass silages, GPS).

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Kanister MethaPract CG

MethaPract® CG

This enzyme complex is specifically designed for increased shares of grass and cereal silage!

MethaPract® CG facilitates the switch from maize silage to increased shares of grass and cereal silage and ensures stable plant operation.
The use of MethaPract® CG reduces the viscosity in the fermenter and prevents the formation of floating layers.

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Kanister ViscoPract CX und ViscoPract CP Bauer steht mit Gummistiefeln im Feld

ViscoPract® CX &
ViscoPract® CP

NEW: Enzymatic Problem Solver 2.0 for your biogas operation

The enzyme activity profiles are especially adapted to the degradation of different scaffolding substances. Extensive laboratory and practical studies reveal convincing effects in the biogas process with best temperature stability and pH tolerance. ViscoPract® attacks recalcitrant, viscous substrates at several points.

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