MethaPract® CS

Optimizes the utilization of energy plants in your biogas operation!

MethaPract® CS is a biogas enzyme optimized according to the latest findings and is based on an enzyme activity profile that has been tried and tested for more than 10 years. MethaPract® CS is particularly suitable for plants that predominantly or exclusively use energy crops (e.g. corn silage, grass silages, GPS).

MethaPract® CS supports the bacteria in your biogas plant in utilizing fibre components of different kinds of plants faster and better and ultimately helps to improve stir-ability.

In addition to optimized substrate utilization, MethaPract® CS has been proven to increase biogas plant performance and to prevent disruptions.

Kanister MethaPract CS

5 good reasons for the application of MethaPract® CS!

  1. Verifiably accelerates degradation of substrate fibres.
  2. Prevents the formation of floating layers in the fermenter.
  3. Improves stir-ability of your individual substrate mix.
  4. Carefree and stable operation of your biogas plant.
  5. Better utilization of your substrates.

More output, more profit!

MethaPract® CS: Functionality and Effect

The broad enzyme activity profile of MethaPract® CS ensures the dissolution of water-binding hemicelluloses. In the fermenter, they are responsible for frequent observations of high viscosity substrate behavior.

Less hemicellulose means less viscosity, which facilitates stirring and pumping of the substrate. The risk of the formation of floating layers in your biogas fermenter decreases. One thing less to worry about!

Stable operation, better performance = more profit!

How it works

  • MethaPract® CS is ideally suited for biogas plants that mainly use renewable raw materials.
  • MethaPract® CS accelerates fibre degradation and thus prevents the formation of floating layers.
  • The application of MethaPract® CS improves degradation as well as utilization of substrate fibres!
Infografik: Wirkung ohne MethaPract

Without use of MethaPract® CS

Infografik: Wirkung mit MethaPract

With use of MethaPract® CS

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