UltraPract® HP

Optimized enzyme combination with AC Factor activation

The best choice for biogas plant operators who want to increase the yield by using renewable raw materials and manure.

UltraPract® HP is ideally suited for a manure content > 10% of the oDM and FM* input. With a constant output of the plant, UltraPract® HP enables a reduction of the energy crop proportion by 7-10%. In addition, the proportion of farmyard manure in combination with UltraPract® HP can be increased by up to 15% of the oDM and FM* input in order to achieve a further reduction of the energy crop proportion.

UltraPract® HP increases and accelerates the utilization of manure, slurry and difficult to ferment fibers in biogas plants, thereby increasing the biogas yield.

Can UltraPract HP

Substrate Saving with UltraPract® HP

Charts Substrate Saving with UltraPract HP

UltraPract® HP allows you to reduce substrate input by 7-10% without sacrificing performance in plants that use the manure bonus. The activity profile of UltraPract® HP takes into account higher shares of energy crop silage and integrates the innovative effects of the AC Factor.

* oDM = organic dry matter, FM = fresh matter

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