UltraPract® P2

The biogas enzyme 2.0 with AC Factor boost

UltraPract® P2 was specially developed for application in biogas plants.

The result: Peak activity in the pH range 7.0 - 8.5 relevant for biogas plants and thus optimal efficacy. In addition UltraPract® P2 offers an extraordinary temperature tolerance > 60° C as well as uncompromising stability.

The enzyme combination complemented by the enzymatic acceleration factor AC ensures the superior efficacy of UltraPract® P2. The impressive results from practical application provide convincing evidence.

UltraPract® P2 provides an attractive option for biogas plant operators interested to increase the share of animal wastes (dung, liquid manure). Furthermore, when using substrates with a high proportion of fibers (e.g. straw, grass silage, weed silage), the addition has proven its particular effectiveness.

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Kanister UltraPract P2

5 good reasons for the application of UltraPract® P2!

  1. Maximizes the speed of biogas formation.
  2. Increases substrate utilization, and thus the entire degradation to biogas.
  3. Facilitates increasing the proportion of animal wastes in the substrate mix - at constant plant output and stable operation.
  4. Optimizes the productivity, and thus the profitability of plant operation.
  5. Reduces the amount of fermentation residue.

More dung, less corn!
Higher yield, less fermentation residue!

UltraPract® P2: Functionality and Effect

The highly effective UltraPract® P2 complemented by the enzymatic AC Factor introduces the next generation of biogas enzymes.

Developed in Biopract GmbH's labs, UltraPract® P2 is a liquid concentrate consisting of specially formulated enzymes. UltraPract® P2 increases and accelerates the utilization of co-substrates such as dung and slurry, as well as difficult to ferment fiber components. As a result it speeds up the fermentation process, increases the biogas yield and thus lifts the profitability of the operation.

Moreover, the improved substrate utilization leads to a substantial reduction of fermentation residue. In a 500kW plant a reduction of 600 -800 m3 a year can be achieved.

The Turbo for Higher Yields!


UltraPract® P2 enables the reduction of the substrate intake by 10-15% for plants, which already apply more than 25% of animal wastes (e.g. cattle dung), without sacrificing performance*.

Cost brake for expensive substrates!

Piechart und Balkendiagramm zur Steigerung des Wirtschaftsdüngereinsatzes mit UltraPract P2

Additionally, an increased share of animal wastes can result in considerable savings of expensive, energy crops (corn silage, grain) without a reduction in output. Biogas production is thus made possible with a much more cost-effective substrate mix*.

* Data based on oDM (organic dry matter) and FM (fresh matter)

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