The use of enzymes to increase the yield of biogas plants continues to be a topic that moves the industry. An article on the current status of the trade magazine “Energie aus Pflanzen” ("Energy from Plants", issue 4/2017) has now been published. The starting point is a product screening with enzymes of the first generation, issued by the Agricultural Chamber of North Rhine-Westphalia. It became clear that not every enzyme preparation offered on the market is suitable for operating biogas plants more efficiently and thus more economically. Surprisingly, products are offered that have very low enzyme activity or inappropriate enzyme activity profiles.

Against this background, the NRW Chamber of Agriculture in cooperation with Biopract GmbH carried out a field trial on the efficacy of the completely new developed product "UltraPract® P2". This is a second-generation preparation with a novel combination of enzymes. UltraPract® P2 has been optimized for the increasing use of manure, so that more manure and less energy crops can be used for biogas production. In the trade article, the field study on a one-megawatt biogas plant is briefly presented and a positive conclusion is drawn. At the end of the article, the author substantiates the economic efficiency with real figures. They impressively demonstrate that the use of "UltraPract® P2" pays off.

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